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Lake Shore Gold (LSG)

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Lake Shore Gold (LSG) Empty Lake Shore Gold (LSG)

Post  Max Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:35 pm

Up 10% (absolute % gain) over 1.5 months. Can't really take credit for this one. My uncle recommended it, and I have made lots of money trading this stock back and forth over the years based on the assumption that it is going up long term. He told me it is the same guy behind TRR who originally started up LSG (he follows the people as much as if not more than the underlying stock itself).

My uncle would tell me I have gotten out far too early and based on his track record with KGI and QMI as well as LSG, he is probably right. Still, trading for the big gains is not my style. I am quite happy to take my 10% and move on to the next pick.

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