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The Legend of 1900

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The Legend of 1900 Empty The Legend of 1900

Post  Max Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:15 am

Slightly whimsical story of a man who was born and spent all of his life on a ship and became an accomplished pianist. Story narrated by his band mate to the shipping company manager about to scuttle the ship many years later possibly with the reclusive pianist still on board.

The land is a ship too big for me speech reflects upon how the defined borders of the ship are like the limited number of keys on a piano. With boundaries, you can figure out the rules and master the subject. However, land is endless, and would be like a piano with infinite keys, that could never be mastered, because you could never define all the possibilities of notes to play.

There is no end to the number of factors at play causing stocks to move up and down like a boat on a raging ocean. We can never hope to master the entire stock market, but like life on land, there are many who still thrive despite not knowing everything. In the face of infinite possibility you can still have expertise in a relatively minor but well defined part of a infinitely mysterious whole.

Carve your niche, define your boundaries, and become on expert on a small part of what makes the stock market move. Then expand your boundaries along with your expertise. Eventually, you will have a big enough niche of expertise to make it work.

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