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Denison Mine (DML.TO)

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Denison Mine (DML.TO) Empty Denison Mine (DML.TO)

Post  lukera Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:45 pm

No research going into this one but I did come across some interesting information while researching other things.

Permits issued for 3 uranium mines in N. Arizona

Three uranium mines advance

No information on this has hit the public yet from what i can see... add that to the sharp decrease in Denison's share price today due to the general "hate-on" for uranium and this may be a good pick!

If I had ANY free money I would look into it Smile

Still looks like the building blocks of a good speculation play here IMO.



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Denison Mine (DML.TO) Empty Re: Denison Mine (DML.TO)

Post  Max Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:47 pm

I was into this one a long time ago. Made some pretty good money on it too. Current numbers on it below. Considering negative EPS is irrelevant with an exploration company, I guess I would have to focus on the price/book value which seems to be in a safe range. Haven't followed it in a long time, so I need a fresh analysis before I get too excited about it. Probably the financial statements will not be much help.

I prefer Uranium One, which I bought around $3.50 today. Also Cameco, which I bought a small amount today as well (CCO does not show amazing numbers, but should rebound a little once the nuclear scare inevitably blows over).

SymbNamePriceEPSBookP/BERER / P/B
DML.TO"DENISON MINES COR"2.28-0.1162.1651.05-5.09-4.83
UUU.TO"URANIUM ONE INC."3.520.2452.7611.276.965.46
CCO.TO"CAMECO CORP"29.431.313.2282.224.421.99

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