Scorpio Mining Corp. (TSE:SPM)

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Scorpio Mining Corp. (TSE:SPM) Empty Scorpio Mining Corp. (TSE:SPM)

Post  Fred on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:16 pm

I am surprised that this one hasn't been discussed or analyzed on this forum on its own. SPM has been very kind to me, but I seem to always miss out on the big jumps. I will add this to my list of failed opportunities such as AVR and TRR. Sometimes I need to have better judgement when selling. (i.e. when I sell, everyone else should buy, because that's when the big SP movements are going to happen).

I had sold it at $0.70 in fall 2010... and at $1.60 in late June of 2011. I made money both times, but you see the pattern.

They are a silver and other base metal producer (roughly 50% silver and 50% other metals such as lead, zinc and copper) with no debt and an excellent proven track record with positive and increasing earnings. They are currently expanding their resources and deciding whether to increase capacity at one site or add a second mill on another site. With no major expenses the profits are accumulating... and quickly. This leaves much opportunity for them to expend without dilution. I don't hold any at the moment, but would consider re-entry under the right circumstances.

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