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Best & Worst of 2010

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Best & Worst of 2010 Empty Best & Worst of 2010

Post  Max Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:41 am

Copying this post into a new thread.

What was your best and worst performers for 2010. What are you looking at for 2011?

Top Performers:
Lake Shore Gold (LSG)
Kirkland Lake Gold (KGI)
Manulife (MFC)

Worst Performers:
Questerre (QEC)
Pele Mountain (GEM)

ECA, NXY, and QEC, are three I am watching closely. NXY is on the brink of slipping into a risky stock. Right now, they have high, yet manageable debt levels, good assets, and income generation, but when hedging and forward contracts reset, who knows.... I am also watching the Citibank situation carefully too.

Encana to me seems like the safest long term play out there and at this valuation even with pending reset of hedging contracts pushing it to a loss, it seems a solid pick to me.

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Best & Worst of 2010 Empty Re: Best & Worst of 2010

Post  lukera Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:38 pm

well I only started investing in the late fall so i don't have many trades. But here is my best and worst of 2010:


Confederation minerals CFM.v -49%.

St Eugine Mining SEM.v -35%.

Opti Canada OPC.t -29% (sold in 2011 but bought in 2010 so it counts unfortunatly)

Slam Exploration SXL.v -2.5%


Gryphon resources GRYO.pk +85%

Bonterra resources BTV.v +54%

That's all of them. Pretty close to even at the end of the year. Learned alot in this 2 month crash course. Still learning tonnes!

This year looks promising so far...hopefully I can gloat like a true stock douche when i repost to this thread at this time next year!

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Best & Worst of 2010 Empty Re: Best & Worst of 2010

Post  Fred Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:18 pm

I don't track my trades in excel at the moment, so it is really difficult to give percentages, and many of my stocks were traded many times for small gains, but here is a general summary. Overall I think my total return for the year was 37%, but I think this was heavily skewed downwards from losses that I was/am holding onto.

Best of 2010
UUU - approximately +60%
QEC - I actually made +50% on it early in the year
TRR - Although I missed out on the bulk of it, I still made ~+25%
AVR - Although I missed out on the bulk of it, I still made ~+100%
TX - I made about 12% at least 3 times durring the year
EGZ - After averaging down I came out with about +30%
IZN and SPM - traded so many times I figure my total return was around +35%

Worst of 2010
NRI - I never sold when I should have... to date my biggest loss ever (~-25%)
QEC - after re-buying in the fall with 10 times the original amount my losses far exceeded my original gains, but I have not sold... still holding a $10.5K loss
GEM - -5%
EGLE - I held some shares of EGLE now for almost 2 years with a loss of 22% and after averaging down, I've lost much more into 2011

2011 optimism
And I don't own TME yet, but plan to soon

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Best & Worst of 2010 Empty Re: Best & Worst of 2010

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