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Best & Worst of 2011

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Best & Worst of 2011 Empty Best & Worst of 2011

Post  Max Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:52 pm


Breakwater Resources (+47%) (got lucky with a takeover)

Neo Materials (+20%) (lucky trades.... Missed the takeover in 2012, would have made a lot)

Research In Motion (+13%) (pure successful value play based on analysis... lets forget about 2012 and just live in 2011 for a while)

Lake Shore Gold (+7%) (lucky trades.... Please don't look at this stock in 2012, its horrific)


China Media Media Express (-87%) (made 13% realized profits as % of last investment before losing close to 100% of last investment since it was a total fraud)

Diana Shipping (-37%) (shipping industry was disaster and decided to bail before it worsened)

Petrobank (-35%) (not sure what happened with this one, but decided to look closer at the financials and was a little worried about the accounting for subsidiaries so I bailed.)

Pretty awful year in 2011, but ultimately not as bad as I expected. Most of the damage was done in 2012, so stay tuned for next year.

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